Engagement Automation

Increase customer lifetime value through automated and context-aware engagement

Benefits for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

Capture and maintain customers’ attention from day 1

With no relevant engagement, customer acquisition turns into unsustainable financial performance and eventually, churn. Turn active subscribers into advocates with the right message, right from the start.

Boost service adoption, increase consumption and reduce churn

After the customer onboarding process a typical customer forgets about the MVNO. Tweakker Engagement Automation identifies the right MVNO customer contexts to upsell, inform and support.

Scale-up your engagement efforts through automation

No MVNO team is likely to have the manpower to support one-to-one customer relationships. Tweakker ensures that you never miss the most valuable time to engage customers via continuous and automated processes.

Automated and context-aware engagement

Tweakker’s Engagement Automation enables MVNOs to automate personalized customer engagement processes right from the start of every customer journey when a SIM card is inserted! Customers are automatically engaged at the right moment with relevant messages throughout the life-cycle!

Solving MVNOs’ today customer retention challenges

MVNO low-price strategies can lead to an early exit

50% of MVNOs operate a low-price strategy, which is great for customer acquisition but doesn’t result in a sustainable business. The challenge of the low-price strategy is that after onboarding, a typical customer forgets the MVNO, enjoys cheap service throughout the contract lifetime and eventually switches to the next cheap service provider. For the MVNO, this means low customer revenue.

The 90-Day MVNO challenge

The first 90 days of a mobile subscription are considered the most effective period to build customer loyalty, increase service consumption and to upsell new services. After this period, the likelihood for successful customer engagement decreases dramatically.

Engagement Automation Features

Personalized engagement to fit your customer journeys

Clear-cut target customer segmentation

Mass messaging campaigns irritate customers and hardly ever convert into sales. For successful and relevant messaging, Tweakker Engagement Automation allows segmentation based on various data parameters such as data usage, prepaid/postpaid, handset capabilities and more.

Effortless orchestration of automated engagement processes

No tech skills required! With Tweakker’s intuitive orchestration wizard interface, anyone in an MVNO organization can create customer engagement flows, from choosing target segments, defining trigger events and creating engagement messages.

The right message at the right moment

Even the best proposition and a sharp customer segmentation do not bring exceptional engagement results without the right timing! With Tweakker’s solution engagement actions are triggered automatically by context-aware network events, i.e. when a new customer activates your SIM card, switched to a new handset, or entered a certain location.

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