APN Setup

Seamless activation of new MVNO subscribers, enabling fast and cost-efficient customer onboarding

Benefits for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

Generate rapid revenue uptake in a BYOD environment

The Bring-your-own (BYOD) business model doesn’t come without challenges for MVNOs. Tweakker secures a successful provisioning for all setup scenarios, be it an OTA, non-OTA capable or iOS mobile device.

Decrease care costs and prevent customer churn

Each new customer that experiences a failed device setup immediately turns to the MVNOs’ call centres for quick resolutions or even worse, churns to the next best offer.

Maximize data adoption by keeping customers always-on

With MVNO APN settings frequently lost due to roaming, factory reset or operating system updates, Tweakker ensures that customers are always-on and using data services during the entire life-cycle.

World’s most deployed MVNO APN Setup solution

Based on market leading device identification data and a complete set of certified over-the-air settings library, Tweakker APN Setup handles all handset setup scenarios. Never miss a revenue opportunity again by optimizing your APN setup process!

Solving today’s MVNO device setup challenges

BYOD and the diversified device market turns customer onboarding into a great tech challenge for MVNOs

Lack of preinstalled MVNO APN settings in mobile devices

Handsets support different types of configuration

APN Settings are frequently lost throughout the customer life-cycle

Customer onboarding is a 24/7 process

Different triggering options for MVNO APN Setup


Automatic device setup

Programmed to automatically trigger the right MVNO settings, either through an HTTP API or SIM applet integration, Tweakker ensures a successful APN Setup from first turn-on and during the entire customer life cycle.

Self-Care device setup

For 24/7 online support and an easy way for customers to setup their own mobile handset, Tweakker offers a visual self-help device setup tool to be embedded on MVNO’s website.

Customer Care triggered setup

Tweakker helps turn MVNO call centre agents into “how-to-setup Internet” experts, enabling them to quickly and accurately assist customers with APN Setup problems with just a click of a mouse.

Setup to match supported device configuration type

Thousands of device models end up joining MVNO networks, handsets that support different device setup functionalities. For maximum onboarding success, Tweakker performs immediate device setup based on device identification data, handset make and model.

For Open Mobile Alliance Client Provisioning (OMA-CP) compliant devices, tested and certified settings are automatically pushed over-the-air (OTA). Whereas non-OTA capable devices are treated differently, by sending them, via SMS, step-by-step manual setup guides. Finally, iOS owners are not left to self-configure their device, instead Tweakker is the only vendor to offer auto-configuration for Apple handsets.

Monitor the success of the onboarding process

Get full visibility into the device setup process by having access to an online portal that tracks the setup events of onboarded customers. Each device setup event matching the MSISDN number is recorded and enriched with the respective timestamp, setup type, source and more. All this intelligence enables you to better engage with your customers.

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