Tweakker Unveils First White-Label Cloud Connectivity Service for Roaming MVNOs

First customer TravelSim integrates the vanilla service into its business operations and gets low-cost data roaming advantage for its 3.5 million prepaid users

Mobile Internet connectivity firm Tweakker ApS today launches the first white-label connectivity service for Roaming MVNOs. The service singularly enables prepaid SIM card vendors to provide Over-the-Air connectivity settings when smartphone and tablet customers use their travel SIMs and join a partner network for low-cost voice and data services.

The first Roaming MVNO to integrate Tweakker’s new service into its operations is TravelSim (, an MVNO with a global customer base of telcos, airport retail outlets, airlines and travel agencies offering the MVNO’s prepaid SIM cards as an add-on service to their core businesses.

Its service has proved attractive to over 3.5 million business travellers and holidaymakers who will now benefit from TravelSim’s prepaid card service with Tweakker’s integrated white-label service. From power up in any of the 190 countries where it has network agreements in place with more than 320 local carriers, they’ll be able to enjoy the full functionality of their phones without worrying about being charged with high data roaming costs when they get home.

“Tweakker’s white-label connectivity service is fundamental to our developing business model and we believe it will become the powerhouse to deliver the user experience we want to give to our millions of travellers,” says Mikhail Markin, TravelSim’s product manager. “Quite simply, by using this service to connect users to the networks of our global network partners, TravelSim gets priceless early market adopter advantage.”

Roaming MVNOs have long needed such a cloud-based, device connectivity service that enables them to offer smartphone and tablet users instant access to network partners world-wide and to better control average revenues per user (ARPU) as a result.

Tweakker is probably the only connectivity provider capable of delivering such a global service. It has the largest database of phone settings and guides in the world and a track record of Over-the-Air cloud provisioning that is helping MVNOs in the 5 continents get their users online from power-up and to slash customer care costs by up to 95% in resolving connectivity-related calls.

With Tweakker, connectivity is cloud-based, instant and, importantly, available on all of the websites of TravelSim’s partners. Users can easily configure their phones before they travel or on arrival at their destination

Tweakker’s white-labelled service works for all MVNOs across all distributors and delivers OTA settings from power-up. Integration to existing business operations is simple. And as a white-label service, it allows MVNOs to add value to their brands and to better manage the customer experience.

“TravelSim is a pioneer of the Roaming MVNO business and a natural partner for Tweakker’s new white-label service,” says Dennis Juul Poulsen, Tweakker’s CEO. “By providing its customers with instant connectivity wherever they may be, they’ll be able to better appreciate the value of its prepaid SIM card service.”