Enghouse Tweakker Helps Improve Gamma’s Domestic Roaming

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) customizes Tweakker’s Device Guides to ensure subscribers are always online with data services

U.K. MVNO, Gamma, has launched a national roaming service called Gamma MultiNet®.  MultiNet allows the user access to multiple U.K. network operators and is the primary network which the user will remain on for most of the time. However, if the primary network is unreachable, the handset will pick up the strongest network available.

Setting up the handset properly to use MultiNet gives the best user experience.

Gamma turned to Tweakker and its Device Guides for the solution to help Gamma’s customers set up their devices for MultiNet.

Smooth customer onboarding has long been a critical business requirement for MVNO Gamma. It first began using Tweakker’s self-care Device Setup cloud in mid-2014.

With the goal of providing customers round the clock care, Gamma then adopted Tweakker’s Device Guides platform for subscriber self-care. The guides proved successful in helping customers to configure access point name (APN) settings, switch between 2G/3G/4G networks and to update firmware among other help topics. Currently, Gamma’s Device Guides online self-care handles on average 80 support cases per weekday.

In early 2016, Gamma identified a critical issue during the pre-launch testing stage of MultiNet which occurred when subscribers moved to an area where Gamma’s primary network was unreachable. As a consequence, their handsets automatically switched to another available mobile network.

The network switch meant that some devices dropped the Gamma APN  and prevented Gamma customers from using mobile data services. The only solution was to re-configure Gamma APN settings on affected devices.

Gamma needed an easy-to-use and simple solution to resolve the roaming issue and created customized Self-Care How-to Guides on top of Tweakker’s Device Guides. When customers experienced a roaming problem, they could consult the guides at any time online to change back to Gamma’s APN settings.

“Gamma’s reputation and position in the market has been built carefully on a commitment to providing the highest level of customer service,” said John Murphy, Customer Service Director.

Currently, Gamma’s Device Guides smartphone self-care handles 80 support sessions on average in a normal week day, each taking just under three minutes, totaling just over three hours of online support. Handling the same amount of support cases on a call center would take over 10 man working hours, assuming an average support call occupies a care specialist for about eight minutes.  As Gamma’s own statistics show, online support improves the customer experience by saving people’s time. Customers are able to solve their smartphone issues almost three times faster with the help of a good self-care service compared to help provided through call center assistance.   “By using Tweakker’s Device Guides to build custom self-serve set up guides for Gamma’s APN settings, we are again seeking to build on the customer experience by reducing the effort involved in device configuration,” explains Murphy.

Tweakker is the world’s leading provider of device APN setup and smartphone solutions. Over 80 MVNOs base their business on the Tweakker Cloud for customer onboarding, online smartphone support and device data.



About Gamma Communications

Gamma is a rapidly-growing technology-based provider of communications services to the UK business market.  Gamma’s services, such as Cloud PBX, Inbound Call Control Services and SIP Trunking, are designed to meet the increasingly complex voice, data and mobility requirements of businesses, through the exploitation of its know-how and its own intellectual property.

Gamma also provides business-grade mobile and data services and, as a consequence of its history, has a substantial voice service capability.  These services enable Gamma to provide a comprehensive range of communications services.

Gamma has enjoyed strong organic revenue and EBITDA growth driven by a high percentage of repeat revenues.  The business had 717 employees at 30 June 2016. It operates across six main locations – headquartered in Newbury – with offices in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Portsmouth and Budapest.