Tweakker Granted International Patent for Its Smartphone Connectivity Technology

Unique smartphone-agnostic technology for automating APN configuration settings from power-up eliminates the most costly issue facing device manufacturers, network operators and MVNOs and could become the instant connectivity powerhouse for the billions of next-generation devices

Mobile connectivity leader Tweakker today announces that its cloud-based connectivity technology and companion device app providing automated APN connectivity settings for traditional and over-the-top network services has been granted a global patent (PCT/DK2013/050230) under the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

The technology is patent-pending and is currently available for Android OS and Tweakker is inviting other OS vendors to contact the firm to be part of the product roadmap.

The technology eliminates the costly issue facing smartphone manufacturers today – faulty or missing Internet and MMS settings in devices leading to distributor test failures and device returns. The technology will enable all current and next generation smartphones to be used in the networks of 1,500 operators worldwide, provides over 4,000 unique APN (Access Point Names) settings and is available as a plug and play application.

The technology is win-win-win for smartphone manufacturers, network operators/mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and end users. Manufacturers will save millions of dollars each year in engineering, testing and shipping costs by embedding the app in new builds, network operators/MVNOs will know that devices being sold into their networks will pass distributor and carrier test procedures, and the customer journey in having a new smartphone automatically configured for Internet and MMS use from power up will be maximised.

Missing APN settings

The majority of smartphones are shipped with insufficient settings and they are not updated through the device life cycle.

However, distributors have to certify that the smartphones they buy and distribute are compatible with the operator networks in the regions they are looking to sell to. Once a smartphone is loaded with an operator’s SIM card, it is required to connect to the operator’s Internet and MMS access points. If it fails to do this, the model will simply not be allowed through to the stores. In addition, operators are beginning to introduce new unique access points to handle Tethering data services making it even more difficult for smartphone companies to get their devices certified for distribution.

According to the GSMA, there are now 1,153 MVNOs worldwide and missing APN settings deeply affects this growing MVNO market simply because they mostly do not control what type of smartphones are coming into their networks. The ramifications of not being able to supply settings will force SIM buyers to discard their product and switch to a provider that can.

With its patent-pending technology, Tweakker has once and for all removed these costly problems. It guarantees that embedded smartphones will instantly connect to APNs no matter where in the world and on whatever network the devices are being activated.

Three years development, 1 million testers

Tweakker has spent the last 3 years refining its connectivity technology and it has been tested by more than 1 million Android users. The technology combines a database of more than 4,000 unique APNs together with an array of patent-pending methods and processes used for detecting and configuring the correct operator APN.

Integration is simple as the technology is provided as a smartphone application that is integrated into the Mobile OS. Once integrated, the application will interlink with APIs in the Mobile OS and start monitoring connectivity.APN Updates are continuously provisioned to devices via the cloud and software updates are provisioned via Google Play.

IT Guru Robin Bloor Hails the Breakthrough

Tweakker is already winning plaudits for its industry-leading technology initiatives. Robin Bloor, chief analyst and founder of the Bloor Group and a partner of Hurwitz and Associates, comments:

“At this time, no manufacturer can be sure that their devices will recognise all APNs in all networks and thus the risk of customers not having access to mobile data and over-the-top services like Skype and Whatsapp through connectivity issues is high.

“Now, with Tweakker’s patented technology and app, device manufacturers, operators and end users will never have to struggle with APN settings again. Its app will automatically configure the APN settings of any Android phone from power-up in any network and that alone will save operators and manufacturers millions of dollars each year and maximise the customer enjoyment experience in using conventional network services such as data and MMS as well as OTT services over mobile data.”