Tweakker and Baraka in Asian Partnership

Mobile Internet connectivity company Tweakker and mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) Baraka Telecom today announce a regional partnership that enables mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) across Asia to get mobile customers surfing the web in the shortest timeframe and downloading revenue-generating content and apps.

One of the biggest challenges facing service providers in Asia is managing and updating their databases of mobile device settings. No other region has such a proliferation of different types of mobile devices coming to market.

The Tweakker/Baraka partnership eliminates this problem, enabling MVNOs to simply bolt a dedicated API to their websites and giving customers access to the world’s largest database of phone settings, which is updated daily.

At-a-stroke, MVNOs can reduce substantially the number of calls to call centres and provides their customers with self-care connectivity settings to surf the web.

MVNOs across Malaysia are being offered the Tweakker/Baraka API connectivity service and the first to sign up is service provider Salamfone. Baraka expects a further four MVNOs to sign up by year end.

Baraka Telecom is the first MVNE hosted solution provider in Southeast Asia and is based in Kuala Lumpur. Licensed by the Malaysian Regulator (SKMM) with Network Service Provider (NSP) and Application Service Provider (ASP) licenses, Baraka is part of the Reach Telecom Holding KSCC headquartered in Kuwait. Baraka also handles network and billing services for MVNOs.

“Baraka Telecom believes that when it comes to getting mobile users quickly onto the mobile web and downloading content and apps, MVNOs’ frontline focus should be providing them automatic Over-the-Air connectivity as opposed to expecting users to contact to call centres,” says Mukesh Baskaran, Baraka Telecom’s general manager. “By partnering with Tweakker, mobile users now have access to the world’s largest database of mobile phones as well as instructions and videos on mobile phone configuration.”

“Improving ARPUs, better customer care, lower care costs … these are the principal drivers behind this partnership,” adds Dennis Juul Poulsen, Tweakker’s business director. “This Asian-wide service makes solid business sense for all parties concerned.”