MVNOs, 4G Route to Eldorado

It’s a gimme. If a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) doesn’t know what type of device is joining its network or its capabilities, an awful lot of wasted time and cost will be spent by their marketing gurus in upselling useless services. And with MVNOs running lean ships on tight margins, higher than necessary OPEX risks their long-term financial health.

When Sprint took the brave step to allow MVNOs to offer 4G services to their mobile subscribers, this appeared at first glance to be the ultimate dollar generator. There were a couple of hurdles to overcome on the route to Eldorado … some of their subscribers might not want to buy expensive 4G devices, or to pay a hefty premium for 4G access.

A third factor also came into play – with the BYOD movement becoming a global trend and increasing numbers joining MVNO networks, the only knowledge of their device population was whether they were using a classic SIM or a mini version.

Over 70 MVNOs use the business intelligence solutions of Tweakker to onboard new subscribers via its cloud. Some also use the firm’s device data solution to know about every feature and capability of every device in its network.

The upshot is that Tweakker-enabled MVNO marketeers can run targeted sales campaigns to specific subscribers. If you have a low-cost feature phone, you won’t be offered 4G. If you have the latest smartphone, you will. Today Tweakker’s device data identifies more than 1,000 distinct 4G capable device models, nearly 200 LTE-Advanced devices and over 100 4G devices that also support Voice over LTE service.

In short, through Tweakker, an MVNOs’ route to 4G Eldorado is guaranteed.