Italian MVNO CoopVoce Driving New Revenues With Tweakker Cloud Connectivity Platform

Over-the-air mobile configuration settings to MVNO’s growing and diverse BYOD device fleet gets shoppers online in a handful of seconds.’

Crawley, UK – September 30, 2015 – Tweakker today announced that it has won a service contract from CoopVoce, one of the largest mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in Italy. Under the terms of the contract, Tweakker solution will provide over-the-air device configuration settings to CoopVoce’s growing and diverse BYOD device fleet.

The MVNO is a new venture of the giant retail chain COOP, which has over one thousand hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. Last year, CoopVoce’s success was such that it has become one of the largest virtual carriers in Italy with over 500,000 shoppers having bought a pre-paid CoopVoce SIM card. Each month, thousands of more shoppers buy a CoopVoce SIM card at Coop Italia checkouts.

But this success has also brought challenges. By selling so many pre-paid SIM cards to BYOD users and not providing in-store customer care support to configure phones with the new SIM and CoopVoce’s specific access point name (APN) carrier settings, the MVNO needed a solution to the problem and turned to Tweakker for its self-care cloud configuration platform.

Matteo Gamberini, Head of Operations and Business Offers at CoopVoce, comments: “Tweakker has effectively become one of our Customer Care assets providing CoopVoce customers with the ultimate mobile user experience. With Tweakker, we can continue to build our user base without concerns about getting CoopVoce SIM users online quickly and generating high-value revenues as a result.”

Dennis Poulsen, Tweakker’s general manager, adds: “Clearly, we’re delighted to expand our footprint in the Italian MVNO market with CoopVoce. Our joint goals are to provide CoopVoce’s mobile users with the supreme customer experience and for the MVNO to improve OPEX.”

Tweakker enables MVNOs, MNOs and OEMs to radically reduce time to market for new devices and services while ensuring the highest quality and to radically reduce time to resolve user experience degradation through end-to-end visibility and real-time automation and response. Solutions include APN setup platform, interactive self-help guides, device analytics, embedded applications and remote application management solutions.