Exploding Smartphones Open Customer Opportunities

The problem of exploding phone batteries is neither new nor confined to the recall of 2.5 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7S. In recent years, there’s been many reports of phones that have spontaneously burst into flames injuring owners or ruthlessly destroying their property.

The risk of phones and their batteries catching fire has even raised the issue of safety of electronic devices on aircraft. The crew of an international Qantas flight recently had to extinguish a fire in a seat caused by a mobile phone that suddenly burst into fire without notice.

So, with increasing numbers of low-cost, app-heavy, battery-demanding smartphones coming to market, it’s reasonable to expect more exploding and flaming issues in the years ahead on planes, trains, boats, cars, property … in fact, anywhere.

While shipping defected products straight into the hands of millions of consumers is a catastrophe for any vendor’s brand and financial health, it can turn out to be a magnificent customer service opportunity for wireless service providers if they are equipped with smart enough customer engagement solutions.

Each owner with a flammable or exploding device like Note 7 becomes a perfect customer engagement opportunity to notify them of possible malfunction and damage to themselves and property. Or, offering a safer replacement product instead.

Tweakker’s device intelligence solutions are the cornerstone of connecting customers of more than 80 mobile virtual network operators into their networks around the globe. These solutions not only set up mobile handsets with APN settings for any network in a handful of seconds, but at the same time also identify the make, model and type of joining devices like risky smartphones.

Now Tweakker has taken device intelligence to a new level and introduced a real-time, context-aware customer engagement automation tool. It is this tool that service providers can now use to send personalised warnings about the risks of their shiny new low-cost, battery-gurgling smartphone. Even better, they can use the tool to promote more safe replacements.

Unlike competing mobile marketing and bulk-SMS campaign tools, Tweakker’s new platform is a smart and context-aware engagement tool. The personalised messages of suspect phones such as “Do not take your phone on a plane” or “Visit our web shop for non-exploding replacement devices” are generated automatically upon a customer with a defective device has been detected in the network.

So, if you’re in the business of providing wireless services and want to protect your subscribers against exploding smartphones in a smarter way. It’s probably the smartest move you’ve made in a long time.