Device Manufacturer Partnership Program

Guarantee 100% Connectivity on Your Devices

Today, many end-users experience connectivity issues with their mobile devices. This is often because their devices fail to meet data connectivity (3G/GPRS, MMS, E-mail) requirements. And it could be happening with your devices right now.

The results of this hidden threat are bad for you. You have more dissatisfied customers, trust in your products is undermined, and collaboration with operators suffers. Mobile Operators suffer too, because device connectivity determines data uptake and operator profitability.

That’s why Mobilethink invites you to contact our interoperability testing experts to discuss how we can help improve the value of your devices to mobile operators.

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What We Do

What is the Interoperability Partnership Program?

The program is based on a simple, mutually beneficial cooperation concept where the device maker lends Mobilethink a test device for 2-3 days of thorough testing
at our central testing laboratory in Aarhus, Denmark.

Here you benefit from our 13 years of interoperability
testing experience. We guarantee thorough testing of 3G, GPRS, MMS, WAP and email OTA settings. The device is then returned along with a detailed certification report, and released in our Device Configuration system.

As a result, the configuration settings for your devices are instantly available for our 100+ mobile operator customers across Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.


Guaranteed OTA Provisioning Testing

Our interoperability partnership allows device makers to guarantee perfectly functioning OTA settings for mobile operators and their subscribers.

We test all available provisioning protocols and setting types in our laboratory, and certify successful test cases.


Beyond OTA Certification

For devices that do not use OTA settings, we produce device-specific manual configuration guides to ensure maximum performance of devices in the networks that use our Device Configuration System.

Customer & Partner Quotes

Helps over 400 million subscribers to enjoy mobile services


“We are happy to be working with Mobilethink as this helps us ensure we are meeting the requirements of the operators.”

Martin Becker Hvirring,
Local Technical Manager,
LG Electronics Nordic AB


“Partnering with Mobilethink is central to TECNO achieving its business development targets in Africa and in ensuring that new users of our phones can use all the features of their new phones.”

Mr. Arif Chowdhury,
Sr. Director of TECNO


“We are extremely happy with our alliance with Mobilethink as it further solidifies our brand quality and credibility to the African carrier markets.”

Alpesh Patel,
CEO Mi-fone